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EXCLUSIVE LINK MANAGEMENT PLATFORM – ANNUAL $4.3 MILLION MARKET – SUPER BRANDABLE DOMAIN an excellent link management platform that allows brands and marketers to collect, organize, shorten and share links and domain names. The website with a targeted domain is powered with a powerful script that does the link shortening and management work on automation, allowing you to run the website on autopilot. More so, the website is designed to offer additional paid services for users who want premium services online.

Though this is a starter site with no current claim of revenue, it has a higher potential to generate huge passive income with the right promotion strategy. We have done an in-depth market research on the trends of this service and have found that it’s not a FAD that will be gone tomorrow. Capitalizing on link management service through this readymade website will show a significant upside in the foreseeable future both in the long and short run.

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=== Niche Outlook and Opportunity Surrounding Purchasing ===

The URL Shortening service is one of the most demanded services on web right now and as well a multi-million dollars industry, owning to its importance to webmasters.  URL shorteners are used to share and manage long, confusing and cumbersome URLs containing jumbles of letters and numbers. This is especially true when sharing URLs on micro-blogging platforms, space restricted social media networks and in mobile messaging applications. Moreover, brands are harnessing it to create custom branded URLs that are much easier to read, memorize, and type. More so, owning to its use in tracking traffic analytics, it has become an indispensable tool to webmasters.

You might then ask, “What does this has to do with and its value to me?”

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=== Business Model and Monetization === was built to attract visitors and sales to help you maximize your earning leverage. This website is monetized through ads placements, Analytics service and other expanded services and features. This amazing site can make huge money from day one and you can expand your monetization easily through other ways, with:

  • CPA offers and affiliate programs.
  • Adsense (huge payouts for some keywords) etc.

----- SEO Optimization -----

This website is carefully SEO optimized for the best search engine rankings with keyword-rich content. The entire site is targeted towards hand-picked, low competition and long tail keywords, so you will be getting interested and repeated organic visitors to the website.

----- Website Responsiveness -----

The website is optimized for fast loading and designed to be responsive across a wide range of devices; either mobile, tablets or desktop. A site’s responsiveness and load time determines if a visitor will return to the site. We have put this into consideration when designing this site, so your visitors will have an unhindered experience while navigating through the site.

----- Future Prospects and Business Potential -----

Domain name is an integral part of the way the Internet functions, as it directly represent the name of a website. Long term growth in value is tied to the solid domain name of this amazing digital book website – that contains the basic factors that directly contribute to a premium domain name: memorable, brandable, brief, and keyword focused etc. The domain is also similar to a popular link shortener tool; you can ride on the authority to gain recognition for this

Moreover, according to the appraisal figure obtained from Godaddy Appraisal Tool, is estimated to worth $1,329 USD, and you know what? This domain will be given to you FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore, the future prospects for an investment in this business have significant upside. The domain name alone ensures the website will be highly profitable for the foreseeable future.


You need no special programming skill to manage this website. If you can open an email then you are good to operate the site. The management is very simple and can be performed from an intuitive control panel. We will also provide all the necessary information to keep the website up to date and highly competitive.

Although the website can be operated from anywhere and requires no special knowledge, the opportunity is especially expansive for a tech-savvy buyer that can leverage lean online marketing tactics like SMM, PPC campaigns etc.


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• User-friendly backend

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  • High CTR Design - Designed to convert visitors to buyers.
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